Best temperature to freeze pie filling?

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I'm in getting a new freezer, and I can choose between 0 Degrees Fahrenheit and -10 Degrees Fahrenheit. I was thinking I might try out the -10 degrees model for our pie fillings. The thinking being, pie filling is KIND OF SORT OF like sorbet and may benefit from the lower temperature due to the sugar content.

I have no additional info to back that claim up other than a hunch, so I figured I would ask if anyone else had additional experience around this before I make the freezer purchase.

We don't use cornstarch in the filling, so I'm not concerned about the freeze/thaw stability issues that presents. We do use tapioca though.

Additionally if the lower temperature is preferable (-10 Degrees Fahrenheit), would that same temperature also be appropriate for the dough?
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The colder the better for everything. Usually the colder the freezer, the more expensive it is; so most people settle for the standard 0°F.

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