Best Restaurants in Virginia

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I'm in Virginia and was wondering what everyone's favorite restaurants are and where it is located in the state?


What type of restaurants are you looking for?  Fine dining?  Diamonds in the rough?

I used to live in Arlington (just outside of DC) and there was always an abundance of excellent places.  Two of my favorites off the top of my head are:

Rabieng (amazing Thai)

Ray's the Steaks  (for the best deal on a steak I've ever come across)
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There used to be a wonderful restaurant in Staunton called The Mill Street Grill.  I've had a few memorable meals there.  If you head down to Norfolk there's the Grate Steak where you can cook your own steak on a huge grill.  Excellent steak.
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Old Town Alexandria’s authentic French Bistro. Recently awarded as the 2007 AOL City Guide Best French Restaurant, Bistrot Lafayette’s chef Keo Koumtakoun’s signature style of artistically presented French cuisine continues to attract a loyal local following and Washington visitors looking to enjoy hearty Bistro fare, a delicious selection of French wines and warm hospitality. We look forward to sharing our beloved cuisine with you. Bon Appetit!
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The Trellis in Williamsburg was always "good eats".  Where in VA are you Nochipra?
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