Best Restaurants in Philadelphia

Who is the Best Chef on and outside of Iron Chef?

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Joined Jun 2, 2011
Had a great experience at Morimoto's the other day, I just wanted to throw the question out there on what other great restaurants are in Philly and surrounding area.  Being on Iron Chef, Morimoto's was an easy choice.  Excellent, top notch experience at Morimoto's.  Would highly recommend.  Clean, fresh and timely.  I have been to many of the top class around here, wanted to know of other experiences in restaurants that maybe I haven't been too.  
Joined May 14, 2010
Obviously le bec fin, Memphis taproom is apparently excellent, and union trust steakhouse. There all fantastic at what they do, and shouldn't be missed.
Joined Feb 23, 2011
Obviously le bec fin
/img/vbsmilies/smilies/thumb.gif  Obviously is correct although I know things have changed since they lost their star. 

Susanna Foo had a great reputation when I was working in Philly; I've been out of the city for 13 yrs so I'm not sure whats hot right now
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