Best Place to sharpen in LA

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Hey everyone,

Found this forum while surfing sharpening. Im trying out a new guy today. My Misono was dropped by some anonymous cook in the kitchen and the tip is bent 90deg. Frustrations. Not too happy with my old shop. So Im trying a new one. Does anyone know of a solid shop in the Los Angeles area.

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I don't know if this is the "best place" or not, but I've used this guy with much satisfaction"

The Sharper Blade, Cantara St. Van Nuys.

I've never had to have a repair done, though  
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Japanese Knife Imports is based out of LA. According to their website, they offer knife sharpening services. Jon Broida, the owner, participates on a number of kitchen knife forums, and is pretty knowledgable. Never used their sharpening services, but I'd recommend getting in touch with him. (Wow, I sound like an ad.)  
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