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my name is mehar and i am a home-baker but i want to hone my skill further with professional course which provides internship and the course that is internationally recognized and helps in job placement.
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Hi Mehar,

There are many baking schools that provide excellent education. But in regards to jobs, there is a view that you haven't considered: What does an employer want?

Mostly, the employer wants experience. Education is great, but if it takes someone 40 minutes to make a 2kg Batch of choux paste, the employer isn't very happy.

May I suggest finding a job--any job, any entry level job in a bakery you can find? Keep this job while going to school. The more work experience you have, the better your prospects are.
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Foodpump gives great advice. If you want to go to school do it but try to find a job in a bakery even if it is part time. Le cordon bleu has a great bakery program and you can work at the same time picking up more knowledge and experience

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