Best method/fish for tacos??

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I recently tried making soft tacos with red snapper. I sliced the fillets on the bias (as for ceviche), then quickly sauteed the pieces with onions, peppers, etc. It tasted great but the fish fell apart in the cooking. Did I do something wrong, or was it the wrong fish to use? Suggestions, please, for other fish to use? Thanks!
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hi suzanne,

I might reccomend seasoning the whole fillet,grilling it and then slicing it, It will hold up better and you can reseason the fish slices to get to the flesh.
also leave on the can remove it easaly after the fish is cooked.
farmed cat fish has a fairly firm texture that might hold up better to slicing first then cooking.

good luck
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Yeah Catfish works good! I have cut it into strips and sauteed it quickly before and it held shape. Cod seems like it would work well with fish tacos. The last time I had fish tacos, the catfish was cut into strips, and fried in a cornmeal mixure, but I think the cod would really hold up real well when sauteed. Also like CapeChef recomended, cooking the whole fillet, and then slicing afterwards is a great way. You get the fish you want!


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OOH! Last summer I had some awesome fish tacos. Her name was Veronica... and OH DID SHE MAKE SOME FISH TACOS! First get a whole filet (some kind of steakfish) about 1.5" thick with the skin on and score the top. Then get strips of bacon and line it between the scores. Sandwich it in a fish grilling basket. Cook it skin side down until almost done, then turn it over to finish cooking the top. Spread fresh pico de gallo over the top and flake it off to serve.


Thinking back, I'm not quite sure if the pico de gallo was on the fish before or after it got put on the grill, you know those summer bbq's!
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