Best kitchen Knifes

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hello everyone
as christmas time is coming I really need your advices
I'm looking for the world best kitchen knifes (chef)
I've been looking for many times now and I can't figure it out. I dont care about the price
if you could give me 3 names of knifes you may think they are the best you would really save me on this

thank you all :)

PS: my gift is for a kitchen chef , that's why I want the best one
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There is no such thing as a "best" knife. knives are highly subjective, and while there are measurable factors like type of metal, hardness, blade shape, size, handle...many of them are a personal choice.

There is also a knife subforum where you might find better and more info.
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I dunno...
For me, the "best" knife would be a Victorinox. Problem is, they're inexpensive--but that isn't to say cheap or cheaply made.

As a Chef, I loan out my knives at work for the simple reason that we can get more work done faster that way. So for me the "best knife" must be inexpensive. I'd rather loan out a knife to the dishwasher than work an extra two hours....

Everyone who has worked for more than a few years has lost a knife or two. The more expensive the knife, the higher the odds are that it gets lost or stolen. So again, the "best knife" in a professional setting is an inexpensive one-- easily replaceable without costing you a month's salary.

"Best" is highly subjective.....
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There are lots of best knives. Victorinox are fine for the price. All of my knives are Japanese and I rarely loan them out. Sharpening is a hobby I enjoy but since I rarely have much free time I appreciate the fact that my knives stay sharp for a long time. The Kagayaki Carbonext is great for around $150, if budget is not a concern then Konosuke and Masato make great blades.
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