Best Griddle/Flat Top for high volume.

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Hi guys.
I'm about to purchase a 24" Heavy Duty Griddle/Flat Top. I'm currently looking at a Garland. Anybody currently using one, and how has it performed/lasted?
Any feedback on other brands is appreciated.
Southbend, Vulcan, Magikitch'n, etc.
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Not to be a wise ass, but how could a 2' grill give you high volume ????
It's the largest size we can fit in our tight kitchen serving 350 seats with high turnover, so it's full all the time. We gotta work with what space we have, you know. So, just asking if anyone knows a brand in which they have had the least amount of issues with.
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Sound like you'd definitely need a thermostat controlled griddle. Manual will go cold on you sometimes. Wish we had one at my place.
Not sure about brands though, I'm sure all the higher end ones would do you fine.
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350 seats and you only have space for a 24" griddle????
What exacty are you selling? You can fit, what 8 burgers on that, OR 3 orders of pancakes, OR 4-5 orders of bacon and eggs. Not even a drop in the bucket for 350 seats....
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