best fresh tuna recipe?

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I need a new way to cook fresh tuna. Special marinade? I'd like to use wasabi as an ingredient, but can't find a recipe. Emeril uses it to crust with potato curls, but that isn't my style.

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I went to google and typed fresh tuna with wasabi and seemed to come up with a few recipes there. maybe you could try that. Google is your friend :bounce:
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i used to do this back in the day,, pretty common but very delicious and simple. marrinate tuna steak in a bit of terriaki and sesamee oil for about an hour. remove and let dry on a towel for just aminute. coat in mixed black and white sesamee seeds and sear on a high heat until cooked to the doneness of your pleasure. the trick is the sauce though. wassabi beurre blanc.

reduce a couple of shallots with some fresh chopped ginger in sakke and a little rice wine vinegar till au sec. whisk in just a touch of heavy cream with a good wad of fresh wassabi paste and mount with a good churn butter,, normandy works best, but sysco is still butter, i know thats what most of us have on a daily basis. i used to serve this with a purple cabbage slaw made with fine julinanne of purple cabbage, sesamee oil,terriaki,ginger,tamarind paste and a little orange juice= let this rest together for a few hours to tender up the cabbage.


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Blackened Tuna with a Creole sauce, served with rice and peas and fresh salad, garnished with fresh summer fruit. Summer yummy!!!


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