Best $$ for veal shanks in Los Angeles?

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I've got some visiting relatives this Christmas eve, and this year i got a hankerin' for some osso buco. Anyway, the whole foods price is $20 per lb. and I was hoping someone here could point me to a better place. I'm in Silverlake.

(For the extra $$ charged, I've been kind of underwhelmed by whole foods meat. The product carried by many other grocers has rarely been inferior.)

I'm also guessing that the place at the sunday farmers market @ fairfax & 3rd is only open on sundays. Am I wrong?

Any tip welcome.
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That entire farmer's market is open every day. Some merchants may be closed on certain day, so you still may want to check with them before you go.

PS: I guess that's a good place to look for meat. The two butchers there have decent prices. Jons usually has incredible prices. The one in North Hollywood where I live now has pretty good quality meat.
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Jon's, but they're not definitely going to have it every time you go there.

Still, Jon's is my favorite, & for bizarre ingredients, it can't be beat. The one on Santa Monica just east of the freeway is usually less crowded & chaotic than the one @ Vermont & Hollywood. I'm in Silver Lake too, around the corner from the Saturday farmer's market...
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I forgot to mention I'd been to Jons. They usually have the veal breast, and the rest is hit or miss. I dog that place, but no veal shanks today. Or tomorrow.
Anything else?
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Uh, I mean I dig that place.
I'll inquire about the two butchers @ the Fairfax @ 3rd market.
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