Best Food Compliment You Ever Recieved?

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Everyone loves a compliment,  Proverbs says, "Pleasant words are as an honey, sweet to the soul, and health to the bones."

Share a compliment regarding your food, that either encouraged you, or has stuck with you, which you really appreciate.

First I am just a home cook, not a chef or pro.  I love to cook, but really enjoy backyard cooking.

I received one of those compliments on the 4th.  In another post I shared that I cooked for our July 4th party with 30+ people.  I smoked ribs, grilled chicken, etc.  New to our backyard feasts were my nephew's Father-in-law to be "Jeff", and his wife "Karen", plus a couple of their friends.  Jeff is a food industry professional, has run a couple of food businesses, and really loves cooking and food, I have cooked for Jeff & Karen a couple of times and we swap ideas and recipes, techniques.  What I didn't know was that one of Jeff's friends a gal, was a local food critic, and food writer.  Karen revealed to me that their food critic friend said my bbq sauced ribs were some of the best she had ever ate, and the sauce was super delicious.  In addition the grilled bbq chicken and sauce was top notch too.   The compliment was later backed up by my nephew's fiance who heard the food critic and shared with me what she said.

I really appreciated the compliment because as all cooks and chefs know, if someone is enjoying something, someone else worked hard to make that happen.  This goes for food, or just about anything.
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I think as a home cook, or front line cook, compliments are nice. When your a Chef, compliments are expected, after all, that's what the goal is. Most of the Good Chefs I knew over the years had a inner self satisfaction, Passion and drive that kept them going. The biggest compliment I could get is when my customers tell others about my food, and return to the restaurant again. This proves that our creative ideas, and skills, are liked and accepted by the majority of our customers. In my case a compliment is when my client sends me my contract and says, sign and send back. I know I'm good for another year, and the client is satisfied, and has no issues.............Chef BillyB
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Two things rate at the very top.   

1.  There's really nothing more gratifying than someone's face as they undergo a "foodgasm."  As a cook, it's why I strive. 

2.  Being called "Chef" by people who know and understand the meaning of the title, and whom I repect leaves me wondering whether to blush or kvell.

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When I have had a Chef turn to me and say "Go make me that sandwich, sauce or whatever  you did last week for employee meal. That was great, what did you do to it anyway?"   sweet praise indeed...... even if I suspect the Chef is just being a bit lazy about making his own lunch.
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As I've mentioned on more than one occasion here it has been a few decades since I worked as a professional.  One of the few things I do remember from back then is that two doctors would come in about once a week for lunch and have me make them BLT sandwiches, they liked they way I did them, I guess.

More recently, though as just a home cook now, I got a compliment from my wife.  And I am sure I have related this before.  She was talking with a friend, and described what I fixed for dinner the previous night.  I can't remember what it was, but the friend was impressed and asked something like "Wow, how often do you eat like that?"  My wife calmly responded with "Pretty much every night."

So at least one other person on the planet enjoys my food, thank goodness!

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I cook and when the food is served is on the table, i hear nothing. Not a single word, because, because everyone is filling in their tummies. The sound of silence is a sign that everyone is satisfied. That for me is good enough. Then next thing that you're gonna hear is a lot of WOW!!!. /img/vbsmilies/smilies/chef.gif
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i'm always completely blown away when someone tells me its the best meal they've ever eaten, especially coming from world can that be...customers coming back saying they still remember a certain dish  they had years ago and its still the best...the other edge of that sword is that i have to constantly push my own envelope...personally my biggest compliment is when chefs from other restaurants come in, especially the ones from the big time joints in phoenix, scottsdale or dallas, and really enjoy themselves..its a hard life they work, and its good to see them relax and truly enjoy a good meal without any pretense.....sure gives me butterflies in my tummy though cooking for them...the local chefs come in as well, which is just plain nice...smaller butterfies too! i try not to be too critical of my work,but i sometimes end up thinking the dish would have been better if i added this or that..then other times i think, well, it may not have been better...just different! guess thats one of the joys of doing it everyday...its always evolving, changing, morphing....good day all

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The first compliment I got was when my mom said that I had made a particular chicken dish as well as she made it. I think I was about 12 years old. The second compliment happened in the second year in which I made a complete seder meal (seder foods, soup, all the way to dessert). I served 48 students and adults, which was double the number of people who had come the year before. The second time was when a local chef liked my rugelach so much that he hired me to bake them for his deli. I also had compliments on them from several Chef Talk friends. That really meant a lot!
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"i've never liked the food at weddings until today, that was amazing"


"oh my god, you need to marry me"
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I had just returned home from Europe after spending two years working my way around 4 countries. I cooked for my entire (Greek) family and made fresh marinated artichoke raviolis. I simply served them with fresh grated Parmesan and butter. Everyone told me they were the best raviolis they have ever had. It made me feel great and that the last two years were well spent.
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I would have to say when my boss comes into the kitchen holding a letter or a note that he just received by mail , hands it to me and says , " The bottom paragraph is concerning you, I thought you should read it."

I read these special words said on my behalf (speaking about the meal they enjoyed) and its like a blush of sheer joy.


When my nephew gets up from the kitchen table with sauce all over his face and says " My stomach has no more room but can I have just one more plate ?" .................his cheeks I just want to bite.
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One Mothers day my mom came into town to visit me at work with a few of her very best girlfriends...It was a nice surprise!

They came down to visit me after 1200 brunches had already gone out and it was wow so good to see them ...I showed them around the kitchen and gave them a tour. They then thanked me as they had not had dessert yet and then saw a tray of fresh made chocolate truffles,cannolis,lemon tarts,mini brulees....etc and said wow that looks good! I said I'll have these sent directly to your table. They asked if they could sit with me and enjoy this kitchen experience! Well we all sat down at the stainless steel and had coffee and dessert...I received thank-yous from all was a moment in time and they still remind me of that day...(I compt their meals even though they tried to insist to pay know the way moms are)
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I don't have a single moment that stands out, but the recognition from friends and family is worth all the years trying. They ALL know I am a grill guy.. and some know I cook all sorts of things. As the years tick on, I really just enjoy being referred to as someone that has culinary knowledge, that makes me smile inside.
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The first compliment I got was when my mom said that I had made a particular chicken dish as well as she made it. I think I was about 12 years old. The second compliment happened in the second year in which I made a complete seder meal (seder foods, soup, all the way to dessert). I served 48 students and adults, which was double the number of people who had come the year before. The second time was when a local chef liked my rugelach so much that he hired me to bake them for his deli. I also had compliments on them from several Chef Talk friends. That really meant a lotme

mezzaluna, you actually made me really think back to my really, really greatest compliment, and it too was from  my mother was, as well as my immigrant grandparents i thought to be the greatest cooks on the planet..solid siciliano roots cooking..simple, garden grown or homemade sausages and homemade wine..i just always thought my mother was over the day, my mother just casually said that i was a better cook than her and my dearest nana and papa, who i just idolized....i still get a bit teary eyed over that..they were my mentors and heroes, and were my fondest food /bonding memories as a child..of course don't tell the cousins! everyone has a different opinion about the sauce, for sure!....i always get asked about the 'secret' ingredient in my marinara..i tell them cuz you gotta share some stuff, but  it always stops me and brings me back to my roots..thanks, for bringing that to surface again... 

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The best compliment I ever got for my cooking was this from my granddaughter (spelling mistakes are a direct quote )

G - Gourgus!

R - Really gook cook!

A - Awesome!

M - Magical when it comes to Applesauce!

I - Intelligen !

E - Eligent !

Folks it dont get better than that!!!  Had to laugh at the applesauce comment tho.  I had made applesauce with her over a year before she wrote this and she still was thinking about that.  It pays to spend time in the kitchen with you kids and grandkids..

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Customers coming back for the nth time in your joint ordering something they consider their "favorite". And especially my kid's reaction after a hearty meal and saying, "That was delicious mom!". Now little kids don't lie! /img/vbsmilies/smilies/wink.gif
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This post might be a little long but you will understand why I took the road I did when we get to the end. I was hired to be a chef for a frat house after they let the previous cook go. They let her go because she served too much frozen pre-cooked junk. The house is filled with 40 athletes including big football players with big appetites. The second week I was there I decided to grill butterflied pork chops with my own B.B.Q. rub and marinade. As the front porch was filled with students a 6' 8" 300 plus pound football player replied," If you were a woman I would marry you." After the howls died down he said,"It was a compliment a$$#@!es!" I replied, "I know I took it that way." Needless to say he was reminded of those words often, but he never denied saying it. Thanks Zack!
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I worked for one chef who was not terribly unlike Gordon Ramsey when he's on Hells Kitchen. He had me make him lunch one day Risotto Milanese with Tiger Shrimp. He came back afterwards and said, and I quote; "ehhh, not bad"!

May not sound like much to you, but to me it was an affirmation that at least at that moment I was as capable as anyone to him which in reality was pretty high praise.

That and the time my Spicy Szechuan pasta was praised in the Washington Post restaurant review. "The dish sounded pedestrian but was uniquely delicious" funny how certain things you will always remember!

And when they clean the plate!/img/vbsmilies/smilies/thumb.gif
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