best favorite, all purpose 8"-9' diameter sloped side pan for everyday use with best non-stick surfa

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    What is your favorite go-to all purpose 8"-9"-10" diameter pan with sloped side for every day/all day use? I had an aluminium clad heavy gauge stainless steel with a perfect fitting lid that could double as a smallish saucepan which has warped and lost its temper for sure. Can it be re-trued and re-tempered?What is a good non-stick type replacement?
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    EDIT: Sorry - I just realized you asked for non-stick replacement. I don't have a recommendation for that. My preference is for inexpensive aluminum non-stick. It works well, is cheap, and can be easily replaced when the non-stick coating wears or the pan warps. Typical restaurant supply type of pan. They work, but are not particularly nice. 

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    My current favorite is a carbon steel pan. This brand is popular and this pan is cheap. Can't say how they hold up over time as mine are relatively new. Other say they will last forever. I recall one person here saying they will warp over time. At $30 per pan, I can live with replacing them every few years if needed. They downside is that they need some care. Similar to cast iron, but easier to take care of and cook with, imo.

    I've been using a couple of different sizes of these for most of my stovetop cooking the last few weeks and like them a lot. Note they are less responsive than tri-ply or aluminum pans. And I use other pans for various things (sauces, risotto, etc), but these are my go-to fry pans. 
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