Best Cutting Boards

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I am here to ask what are the best cutting boards? Which ones will not dull or even break your good knives?
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At home or work? At home I use a 20x20" end grain block for veg. For meat and fish I use a plastic board.

At catering and bbq events I bring a rubber board.

For a restaurant I would say sanituff or rubber. If they get scratches, they shouldn't get many, you can sand them down like wood. Either one can be washed and sanitized easily. Korin sells rubber boards the same stuff used in a long 9' sushi counter. They sell the big size but also smaller sizes for homes.


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I like one I can stick in the dishwasher. I'm very happy with simple inexpensive plastic/nylon. If you have decent knife technique, you shouldn't be harming your knives on this material in general. 

is one of my favorites. Costco sells them cheaply, at least their Business Centers do. And the Amazon price is pretty good too. 

It's a tight squeeze into my bottom dishwasher rack, but it will fit.
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