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A wise man once said, never put anything but the best between you and your next step. So, what shoes have you found to be the best? I've always used shoes for crews and replace them after 6 months when they fall apart. I'm sure there are better ones out there, what are they?
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Boston Birkis are by far the best thing I've worn in the kitchen. People are often put off by the price, especially as it's rocketed with their popularity, but if I'm spending 70-80 hours a week in a pair of shoes then I'll happily shell out some cash for them.

I bought a pair of bistrocrocs recently as a cheaper alternative. They were OK for the price but soon enough I found myself investing in another pair of Birkis and being very thankful for doing so.

As a slightly left field choice I had an old pair of Blundstone classic boots that I wore whilst working on farms - again you pay for them but they last for ever and are incredibly comfy. After my first pair of Birkis broke I got those out the cupboard and wore them as a stop-gap. They were actually very comfortable, even in the heat and obviously offer more protection and ankle support than clogs if that's something you like.
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these are the best 12 hour work boots I have found made by Wolverine, they are light weight, have very good arch and ankle support, and have soles and insoles that take up the shock of walking on steel or concrete. Boots are just a piece of the pie. wear heavy 100% cotton socks and dust inside the foots with foot or baby powder before putting them on. biggest is to have 2 pair of work shoes and never wear a pair for more than 1 shift. this gives your boots a chance to dry out and cuts down on foot rot.
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I'll vouch for the birkis too they are popular for a reason. They are not the best for everyone apparently, as some people have issues with them. But if they are a match with you they are the best. Love mine.
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