Best Chocolate for Pot de Creme

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I am looking for suggestions.

I want to make an amazing Pot de Creme au Chocolate. Can anyone recommend a good chocolate to use?

Someone recommended Trombole, supposedly a Swiss chocolate, but I cannot find any reference to Trombole on the internet.



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The all purpose good for most things but not the best in the world chocolate is Callebaut. You might try Scharffen Berger as well. Before you go out and spend big bucks on a 10kg block of choclate let me say that with this kind of thing, much of your success will depend on how you temper the eggs, what kind of vanilla you use, and the fat content of your cream. Do a trial run first to make sure you have the mechanics right, then go in for the kill! :D


PS: There's no such thing as too much chocolate!
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I too suppose it could be "Toblerone"! In any case, I suggest you not to ask a Swiss about "Trombole"...many Swiss can speak Italian and he would be very amused, better I don't tell you why:D

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Sean: The Toblerone that Pongi mentions is a chocolate-and-crushed-nougat confection that is, I think, pretty widely available. It comes in triangular "logs" -- one version is in a yellow box, and another in black(?). It's really yummy stuff; I'm just not sure that it might not make your pots de crème kind of grainy.

If your local supermarket doesn't carry Tobler products, try a fancy food/gift shop.

And you might also want to post your question on one of the Pastry boards here; those guys REALLY know chocolate. :D
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