'Best Bread Ever'

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Have you used a book called 'Best Bread Ever' by Charles van Over?

I have enjoyed a few experiments with making bread and cinnamon rolls, and I would like to progress. This book has rave reviews on Amazon in the UK, but I wondered what you all thought before I buy.
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Hello Plum!

I haven't tried any of the recipes but it looks interesting especially for someone who is starting. The customer reviews are always interesting. Here are some from amazon.com and be prepared for the YIN and YANG!


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I don't own this book, nor have I personally worked out of it, but I did read a review on it in one of the professional magazines. Their comments were that the french bread was truely the best they've made, but that the other items weren't nearly as good.?

For whatever that info.s worth.... :cool:
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Thanks. I'll post this on the book shelf and see what my fellow booklovers think.


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Are you talking about mixing the dough in a food processor and kneading by hand or doing the kneading in the food processor???
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Hi Isa,
Apparently he uses a processor for the kneading.
I quote from Amazon review: 'I have been baking bread for over 30 years and have never been able to bake a decent deli rye bread that had great crumb and good tough crust. The first try in the Best Bread Ever book and I was thrilled. You have to try it to see for yourself how truly easy it is. The baguettes and challah bread are superb.'
Sounds convincing but I wondered what my trusted experts in Cheftalk would say.
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