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If they work for you that's great. I have a bunch of different knives because different types and sizes of knives require (for me at least) different handles and weights. I use my knives for 10 hours a day and pretty much the only ones I use are my 8" chefs, curved boning my scimitar if I'm doing a lot of big things. I like forschner for meat knives because of the huge handles. I have the henckels twin cuisine chefs and I'm pretty happy with it, but I feel the handle is too heavy. It keeps an edge though. I have about 200 knives, but for some reason everyone of them looks like the same chef knife. Go figure. The chefs knife seems to work for cheese, vegetables, meat, butchering, bread. Who knows? Maybe I'm just using it wrong.

I don't think anyone can give advice on what knife to buy. People can give opinions and state features, but it is ultimately up to the buyer in what knife works and feels the best to them as I'm sure has been said many times in this thread.


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Indeed. While I only cook in my own kitchen for myself and a few guests, it has turned out that I use different brands of knives for different purposes - an old Chicago Cutlery for a paring knife, Wustoff for a couple of the larger knives, some unknown brand for carving and for bread, and a very, very old Feton with a bone handle, made in England about a gazillion years ago, also for bread, and a couple of Forshners for boning.

Shel - FWIW
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I agree with that. Maybe instead of saying “buy them”, I should have said “try them”. Some of the GF knives may not work with folks with smaller hands also. The GF have larger handles than normal. Or at least I think so. I forget that being 6’1” and 250 I can pick anything up.

So now I say “make sure you try them” if you are looking for new knives. But you should try everything as well. Unfortunately the only real way to test anything is to use it for at least a couple of hours in action.
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I agree with your feelings on carbon steel knives. Stainless can't compare. The handles on Global knives are very uncomfortable for a person with large hands. The handles just don't feel right.
If you like stainless, the Mundial line is top notch, and attractivly priced.
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+1 to to everything.

And also...forschners are real simple and tough knives that keep a good edge for being stainless. They are very affordable also. Judging from my observations...the most popular chef's knife in professional kitchens is forschner for the fact of what I said, and that if it gets lost/ dont have to spend a quarter of your paycheck to buy another one.
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I love my new FuriFx 514 Santoku/Chef's Knife! This knife is a joy to use. No wonder it's called the "EasyGlider"! The fusion of Eastern blade design and Western technology is unique. Not only is this knife easy on the eyes, it's easy on the hands and wrists. The wedge-shaped handle is very comfortable to hold especially when working for long periods of time this is a real plus! The high quality german steel is a very sharp cutting blade it is easy to keep sharp and easily slices through meat, vegetables and seafoods. All in all, the FuriFx 514 East/West performs better than and reduces work fatigue more than any traditional French 6" and 8'' chef's knives I have used in the past. Try won't be sorry and,....the price is right! I laugh:talk: every time I pick up a global now.
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seems to me that buying a knife (especially one thats really expensive) is like buying a car without test driving it.... thats just stupid... i have no real idea how expensive a quality knife costs, but i know they are WAY more expensive than the $10 knives i have... met a chef once that said he dropped $7000 (i think it was that) on a set of knives that he claimed to be mediocre... anyways, just thought id get my 2 cents in...
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I'm a big fan of the MAC line. Feel great in the hand, light weight, and they take an edge nicely and hold it even nicer.

Give them a try sometime I'm sure a few converts will be had amongst you guys.
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I havent used many high end knives in my history, but after holding and testing a couple knives in my class at school i settles on wusthofs. i just love the heft and the solid cutting they provide. I didnt really like the handles on globals too much...
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Hi all,

I have to agree with most on here that Global are good, but I seem to reach for my Shun ,more often than not.:)
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.. i worked all my life with
VICTORYNOX (Switzerland)
since I have rather large hands, these dainty little japanese knifes are not for me, also their handles don't feel comfortable. that is for ME only.
sanitation laws are also changing here in Russia and we are working more and more with knives (and carving boards) that are color coded. the germans make very good knives with 'plastic' handles.
but the main thing is: do NOT listen to other opinins, before you buy, FEEL the knife, hold it by the handle and only if YOU feel comfortable buy it.YOU have to work for many years with it.
by the way you know that no chefs knife ever will go through the dishwasher, not even washed with soap. just hot water.
sharpening with a good butcher steel and maybe once a year with a sharpening stone.
my chefs knives have NEVER seen a commercial sharpening shop.
by the way: you spend a lot of money for good knives at work, spare a thought what you ahve when working /cooking at home. invest also there in 2-3 good knives!
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I was given a set of Sabatier knives as a wedding gift, many years ago. They are still my favourites. I have bought other makes, just to try, but have always returned to hte Sabatier. They seem to 'fit' my hand comfortably.
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I would have to say if you are willing to pony up the cash nothing beats F. Dick knives.

A really great budget alternative is Chicago Cutlery.
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You know, I was going to ask if anyone was using F. Dick. I love my Lamson Sharp, but have been considering trying out the F. Dick 1905 Series Santoku. The handle looks beautiful in pictures, but I have not had the chance to actually hold one. Can you say a little bit more about your experience or anyone else who has used F. Dick knives?
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F. Dick Knives are nice and have some weight to them. I absolutely love my 9" Competition Chef Knife which is the only knife I use for proteins anymore. My favorite Santoku is from Chicago Cutlery and I use it exclusively for fruits, veggies and starches and anything non-protein. I do not have a full set of F. Dick knives yet due to cost but one of our prep peeps does (they were a gift from her dad) and her knives feel really good in my hand. Your mileage may vary.
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I really love one of the Shun knives that was designed by Ken Onion. It's a Japanese styled Chef's knife with a curved blade so that it rocks. It's a perfect weight and it practically does the work for you. I think my favorite is my Wusthof 8" extra wide. It was a little hard to find, but I used another cooks one day and fell in love with it. It's got a wider blade to it and is a good bit heavier than the regular Wusthof. For dirty work like hacking up lobsters and chicken bones, I use my old Wusthof or my F. Dick. I have a wide assortment of boning, paring, and slicers!

I really recommend getting one of those knife sharpening kits that they sell for hunting knives. You attach a part of it to the knife so you get an exact degree of sharpening. It will give you a razor sharp blade.
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I got what I think is a decent set of knives from my school.

I think they are mercer or chef. I like them but Ive only used crappy knives most my life

I will admit that I have a nice serated knife that you see on the infomercials. The knife is still very sharp but it is kidna crap but it works wonders on a few things.
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I have a great MAC chef's knife from 1980 or so which I love, but recently I bought two Forschner Victorinox chef knives for $20 each and they are just as good so the MAC is getting a rest.
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