Best Bistro in NYC

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I am going to NYC in Oct and I would like the forum's opinion on the best bistro in NYC so I can make reservations. Is it Artisanal, Pastis, Picholine, Les Halles?

(I can tell this one might get heated!) :D
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Hi Johnpaul,
I don't think I would classify picholine as a bistro..Brennon does more mederteranan.It is however a Very good restuarant.
Balthazar is also excellent.
For a really good seafood brassiere try maritime 1251 6th ave (49th)
Bouchon in Greenwich Village is very good,As is Jo Jos (Vongderichten)
My favorite "Bistro" Is Montrachet in tribeCa.
Drew Nienport place,Bouly was the first chef there and then debra ponzak became the chef.
johnpaul When in October are you coming to the city?
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I agree, Picholine is not a bistro, but it's one of the best restaurants in NY. I also agree about Montrachet, but haven't been there in 8 years.

Jean Georges also has a bistro room at the restaurant Jean Georges.
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Gee, what do you mean by "best" and "bistro?" Are you looking for food, atmosphere, people, noise, decor, price... ?

If you want atmosphere, good food, and NOISE NOISE NOISE :eek: by all means try for Balthazar or Pastis. I like them, but only before the crowds show up.

One of my neighborhood favorites (although it too gets noisy as the evening goes on) is Le Zinc, on Duane Street in Tribeca. It's a reasonably-priced offshoot of the **** Chanterelle, with a wide range of kinds of food (from a dynamite bacon-cheese-burger, to sauteed skate wings with brown butter & capers to steak au poivre -- classic bistro food) and a terrific wine list (would you believe a $16 bottle of Syrah from Baja California?). It's also kid-friendly. However, they don't take reservations, so after 7PM you usually have to wait. (If you want an idea of some of the food they serve, look at David Waltuck's "Staffmeals from Chanterelle.) If I didn't love to cook so much, I'd eat here every day. :D :D

Also, for casual and inexpensive, I love Franklin Station, a Malaysian-French bistro also in Tribeca. Simple French salads and sandwiches, and SPICY Malaysian noodles and other dishes.

Hey, you should ask Kyle what places he likes!
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Sorry about Picholine. You're right CC, it's rather high end on the food chain...

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My vote goes for D'Artagnan.
Balthazar, Pastis etc are where one goes to see and be seen. D'Artagnan stresses the food of southwestern France and you feel you are there.
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Cape Chef, we will be in NYC 10/15-17 then upstate for my B-in-law's wedding. Suzanne in NYC. Hey, LeZinc sounds great and I've read about it, I hear you can even get hard boiled eggs at the bar!

What we are looking for is GREAT food that we can sop up with bread or pick up and eat with our fingers if a bone is attached with our elbos on the table. We're not looking to drop $120 per head, a place we would be comftrable treating a couple of local friends
on a cook's budget. Does that trigger any places and what are the price ranges?

If my wife and I end up dining alone recommend the next step up without getting into the Alaine Ducasse price range.(I don't want to eat dinner then take the next flight home to re-mortgage the house.)

OK,OK I'm cheap but like great food, well not that cheap,...but you get the picture... :cool:
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Well, Le Zinc (all right, it's one of my absolute favorites!) is under-$10 for most apps (the charcuterie plate is more, but shareable), and maybe $12 to a top of mid-$20s for entrees, with most in the high $teens or very low 20s.

D'artagnan (oooooh, YES) :D is a little more expensive, but when you consider how many different ways you can get foie gras, and the size of the portions, it's not that bad. And the place is such fun! (If you go, you MUST check out the anteroom to the restrooms.)

If you want to venture into Brooklyn Heights, Noodle Pudding on Henry Street is very reasonable (under-$20) for spectacular, house-made pastas, meat, fish, and game. Cash only, but not all that bad. Let me know if you want any more cuisines.
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I'm sorry to say I think we'll stay up state
on this trip. What happened was so very sad and I need a relaxing break after a year with no vacation, so we'll probably skip the City this time around, I just don't think it will be relaxing for me. Next time I will dine at your suggestions! Thanks anyhow. :(
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