Best baking stone for pizza?

Joined Nov 23, 2010
Anyone here into making pizza? 

I'm trying to find the best baking stone available, and specifically would like a large rectangular style which can accomidate a *large* round pizza or a couple smaller sized ones, as well as be good for bread loaves.

I know some folks use actual bricks ("firebricks"?) to line their stove, if anyone's knowledgeable about that I'm all ears as well... 
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Hey- I use the pampered chef large round baking stone (pre-heated in a 500 degree oven for an hour) and it works great. That's the only stone I have any experience w/ so don't know how it compares to others. It works well for me. Cooks pizza's in under 15 min, evenly, no sticking once its seasoned.
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Over on The Fresh Loaf, Fibrament and Cordierite stones seem to be the most highly regarded. I've had a custom fit Fibrament-D stone for about a year and it's done a great job.

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