Best appys for single malt tasting party

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Some of the locals are proposing to start up a 'single malt' club.  The idea is to have single malt scotch tasting parties so different kinds can be tried by all.  The rules so far are to have no other beverage for the duration of the tasting, nor any food, and to leave no bottle unfinished once it is open.

I'm kinda hoping to circumvent the second rule but I'm not sure what I could offer that will not interfere with the subtler flavours of the scotch (while providing likely much-needed belly filler)

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You're going to need to drink water and eat dry biscuits between whiskies - no point laying out top dollar for Speyside or Highland single-malt when you won't be able to taste a thing because your mouth has been anaesthetised by a cask-strength peat bog in a glass from Islay. Is this night primarily a 'tasting' or just a whisky piss-up (which is what it sounds like from this 'no bottle left unfinished' policy)? 

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It's not intended as a piss-up (so far as I know).  Lagavulin is to be our inaugural bottle.  I'm not sure what is planned for the second.  I believe the 'no bottle left unfinished' policy to to alleviate any 'who-takes-home-the-leftovers' issues.

I suppose what I'm asking for are ideas for palate cleansers between bottles, or tastings, which can also be eaten just'cause.  Hopefully there is something more than dry biscuits (I'm guessing those are crackers) to offer.

Edit:    I've been looking for advice in other places as well, and water & crackers is the most consistent suggestion.  So, thanks NeMeDre for the advice.  I apologize for my skepticism and dissatisfaction.  I  guess I  was just hoping to do more than set out pitchers of water and plates of saltines.

I'll focus on the scotch and stop fussing, then. /img/vbsmilies/smilies/drinkbeer.gif
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Pretzels, bread sticks and so forth spring to mind. Or some puff pastry spirals brushed with egg wash then dusted with some poppy, sesame seeds/ paprika then baked till crisp. Puff pastry squares/rounds egg washed then sprinkled with same or perhaps grated parmesan, bake till they make nice little pillows.

 Gotta have the water tho.  You could make it club soda.  You could do some vol-au-vents with a bland filling, not sure what, maybe just creamy chicken or seafood (tuna?) mornay.  Lots of cream so it gives the stomach a good lining.  Sounds like it will need it.

Or some summer fruits - chunks of watermelon, canteluope (sp?), but nothing too strongly tasting or too sweet.  Lime and/or lemon in the water with lots of ice may work.  Dill pickles,radishes and cherry tomatoes just piled onto a platter (they are acidic like the scotch anyhow).  Olive tapenade on crostini.  Celery curls (very 70's I know).  Some balsamic vinagrette for the dipping.

None of this may make sense to your palate - but hey, just some thoughts.
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Some years ago one of the things I did with Team.Net is set up a scotch list - - it gets maybe 2, possibly 3 messages per year, has maybe a dozen or two subscribers.  Not one of my more successful efforts.

Oh well, some days you're the dog, some days you're the hydrant.

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location,location,location. i bet you just doubled up/img/vbsmilies/smilies/tongue.gif
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