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I have recently run across a few recipes containing bergomot oil. This is an essential oil that comes from Earl Grey Tea. Has anyone tried using this? I am curious about concentration and flavor- would a tea reduction work as well for flavor. I am concerned about it being overwhelming. There is always experimentation but trying to save myself a little time if anyone else is wiser on this subject.
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Bergamot also goes by the name BEEBALM. The Earl Gray (or Lady Gray) would certainly add something of the flavor, but the oil would be more concentrated and pure. Often you can also substitute something of the citrus family since bergamot is something like a citrus combination of lemon and orange. There is also a western species, M. menthifolia , known as wild oregano or oregano de la sierra. You can also make a "tea" from the dried leaves of beebalm.

Note: Bergamot oil is a photosensitizer; brown skin stains or dermatitis may result if skin with bergamot oil on it is exposed to sunlight. It has been approved by FDA as a spice and for flavoring foods. Be sure to purchase food-grade products.
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I'm not familar with this item at all Anna. Only thing to mention is how it's used....? Oil vs. water based flavoring....and how best to incorporate each into items (techinque)
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