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La Trappe has now come out with a quadruple bock!! Went on a little field trip to the local wine and beer store and picked up a bottle. Also, found some Rodenbach and others. Saw another I hadn't had in a while which I recommend, a '97 Lindemans Cuvee Rene' gueuze, a lambic with hints of orange and coriander. What's really funny are the names of some of the Belgian ales. Mort Subite(sudden death), Delirium Tremens(delirious tremors), La Fin du Monde(the end of the world), Maudite(the damned), Duvel (devil) and Lucifer, to name a few. Along with the quad La Trappe, I picked up a bottle of the Delirium Tremens; I'll let you know if there's something to the name!

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We should have a drink sometime!

If you like Belgian beers, have you tried the Belgian beer brewed here in the states? I know, it doesn't sound right, does it?

Ommegang from the Ommegang Brewery is tremendous! It's almost like a meal, it's so flavorful. Very robust. They get rave reviews for their quality and techniques.

They make a total of three beers so far Ommegang; Hennepin[emoji]174[/emoji] - a little lighter, hoppy, "One of USA Today's Top Ten Sips"; and Rare Vos[emoji]174[/emoji] which I have not had yet.

See other people's opinions at:

Other American brewers who make Belgian styles :

You might enjoy the "Multimedia Guide to Belgian Beer"

I also like Spaten Optimator, a Bock - Doppelbock. You have to like dark beers to appreciate this one, and since you mentioned a quadruple bock, I'm sure you'll appreciate it.

This leads me to Spaten Oktoberfest Ur-Märzen which leads into your other post

I was in Austin at a bar on 6th Street. Started out with a Miller (don't ask me why) probably because they had 70+ beers on tap and it was easier. Then requested Spaten Optimator. One of the regulars there nearly fell out of his seat because of the contrast!

Mmmmm, may have to run to the store!
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Thanks, Cchiu, that's a lot to look at! I was kind of disappointed to see the name Budweiser on the beer rating site, though.
I've tried Celis White, but I'm not real big on witbier. I have had Optimator; the restaurant I used to work at carries it on tap from time to time. Great beer, but you have to watch how much you drink or you'll look like this>>>

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