Bel Paese cheese

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Can someone please explain Bel Paese cheese to me? It has the same number of calories per ounce as plain old Monterey Jack (110 cal); it has more fat calories than Jack (90 as opposed to 70); it has more total fat than Jack (10 g as opposed to 8 g ); it has less saturated fat than Jack (4 g as opposed to 5 g); and--this is the number I'm REALLY interested in--Bel Paese has 5 mg of cholesterol as opposed to Jack's 30 mg.

It also is much tastier than Jack. Oh, and 30 mg of cholesterol seems to be the norm for most cheeses; I'm not saying that Jack is my favorite (perish the thought :eek: ).

What I'm trying (poorly) to get at is that I was searching for a cheese with low(er) cholesteral that didn't taste and/or have the consistency of rubber. Bel Paese is actually good, so I'm suspicious. Can anyone talk to me about it? And do you have any other suggestions?
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I have been useing bel Paese for quite some time, both as is and in cooking. It's an Italian cheese (lombardy I think)it semi soft with a soft nutty/lactiad (in a good way) flavor and aroma.

It's excellent with apples and pears,melts nicely
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