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I have been reading through this message board today and have found most of what I am looking for -- words of encouragement and some reality in the world of culinary arts. I am getting ready to start my new adventure into this field. I begin at the CA School of Culniary Arts in Feb 2002 and I am both totally excited and totally scared about it. I have been in the advertising industry for over 20 years and, well, it is just not fun anymore.

I have always had a passion for cooking. Probably the best part is to see how a group of people at the table -- amazed, enjoying themselves and content by what I have created for them. I have decided to take that to another level and become a chef.

Now, I am not trying to deceive myself into thinking this is going to be an easy task - I have read and heard all about the trials and tribulations of being a chef as well as what it is like for a woman in this field. I did it before in a male-dominated business and I believe I can do it again. Just taking one step at a time.

So, as I get prepared to go back to school, I am looking for a few things to help me in this journey. I am looking for a mentor -- someone I can discuss things with, get some solid advice and encouragement, and be my muse through this. Any volunteers??

The second thing I am looking for is scholarship advice. I have been searching the standard channels - ie FastWeb and such - but have not found anything that works. Part of my problem with most scholarships and grants is that I already have a college degree and this would be my second. Has anyone had any luck finding some good scholarships?

I look forward to any words of wisdom.

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Just a warm welcome to Cheftalk, Kiss the cook!

Words of wisdom will hopefully follow...

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We offer more than one mentor here. Several people and many specialities.
We have other students here maybe they can tell you their insights....also their opinion on finding or not finding a specific mentor.


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Welcome to cheftalk. Not only have I found scholarships, but my chapter has given away many scholarships. Try your local ACF chapter. Mine gives away $500 continuing education scholarships and $1000 grants to culinary students from the area. Only catch was you had to live in Central Illinois :)

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