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Hello all my name is Kevin and I just started to learn how to cut meat. I've been thinking about getting my own knives to learn with and was wondering if anyone can help recommend the best butcher knives for beginning cutters? I work at a small local grocery store that has its own meat department and we cut our own meats. Which knives do I need and which knives do you think I don't need right now? I heard F.dick and Victorinox are the best, is that right?

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Welcome Kevin. A quick answer and hopefully some of the knife experts will chime in. First, speak to the head butcher/manager to see what knives are allowed. Some places only allow Sani-Safe handles.
He/She can also best tell you which ones you need for the job..
Otherwise, both brands you mention are good knives. The best knife is the one you will enjoy using. There are plenty of brands to choose from. You can start with those two brands for now but remember to learn how to keep them sharp.
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I suppose it depends on if you're going to be doing it for many years, and maybe you don't know yet if you will. Most professional meat cutters use fairly inexpensive knives, and there's not a huge advantage to having your own cheap knives vs using their cheap knives. It depends on if you're maintaining them yourself or if they're going it. Cheap knives like Sanelli and Victorinox are pretty soft and therefore easy to sharpen, at the cost of not really holding an edge all that well. I'm a chef with a lot of meat cutting experience but my needs are different than a butcher. I might break down five 80 lb cases of top butts into steaks three times a week but that's just one of my tasks. My main meat cutting blades area Tojiro Gokujo, a Kagiyaki Carbonext 300mm suji and a few good gyutos.

A good place to start might be a Victorinox boning knife and the granton edge slicer to see how things go.
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