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    I am a home cook and have 2 global knives G2 and G1.

    I just ordered a Misono Swedish Steel Carbon 240 mm Gyuto as I found a lot of reviews online that recommended that knife.

    Anyhow I now would like to get a sharpening kit just to use for these knives and perhaps a few other family members knives.

    I have been reading around a bit and have a hard time making up my mind.

    For now I am torn between to options. Either I get a combo stone like a King 800/4000 or 1000/6000 or a Naniwa workstone 1000/3000.

    Or I get two individual stones.

    I live in Sweden so I would probably order online directly from Japan as it seems to be my best bet.

    I can get a 1000/6000 king with Nagura for $46. About the same for either 800/4000 or 1000/3000 Naniwa.

    On the other hand I could get:

    One single 1000 King for $20.

    And either:

    A 4000 F-3 King for $33 or a 6000 S-3 King for $29 or a Naniwa Super Stone (thin glued to a base) 5000 for $46.

    So I am looking at the price range of $46 - $66 for these options.

    Do I need a nagura if I have 2 stones? I think I will get a drywall screen to flatten the stones.

    If I can just as well have 2 stones as a combi + nagura I guess it is worth the $3 to get individual 1000 and 6000 king compared to the combo-stone and a Nagura?

    I have read that Misono Carbon does not tend to be well suited for a honing steel as the knife is asymmetrical?
    In that case I guess it would be a good thing to have a 5000 splash and go stone like the Naniwa SS as I could (and would) take that out more often to just touch up the knife (I know the hone does not really compare to the stones but a honing stone should straighten the edge of the knife as well as remove a tiny bit of metal, right?). A soaking stone seems like much more of a commitment so I probably wouldn't use it as often as the splash and go.

    Thoughts? Recommendations?