Been to the Bathroom Lately?

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FWIW, here is an interesting statistic that appeared in Reader's Digest (March 2004):

"76% of people polled have not returned to a restaurant because of the condition of the bathroom."

Source: Cintas Best Restaurant Survey

Just thought you'd like to know.
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A restaurant tanked after a reviewer equated their filthy bathroom to the conditions of the kitchen....enough said!!!
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I think if the restaurant management can not spend enough time to make an area that the public will see at least respectable, what can possibly be going in the areas we don't see?! :eek:
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Not only that, but this disgusting hole is where the kitchen staff wash their hands! :eek:
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last place i worked at...briefly...wouldn't stock the kitchen handwash station with soap or paper towels. It was too expensive........never mind the bleach.
I've seen quite a few "morons" pinch pennies in the wrong places and they wonder why they don't make money-let alone kill someone.
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I'm in with that 76%. If the bathroom is gross it's a sign of really low standards and there's no reason to believe if the rest of the place is going to be any better.
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I remember a place in Chicago's Greek town which many know because it was a favorite of John Belushi and Dan Akroyd. It was called Diana's, but since there was another place down the street with a similar name, we called this one "grocery store Diana's" because it had a small grocery/deli attached.

The first time I used the (ladies') restroom there I almost fell through the floor- literally. There was a partial sheet of well-worn plywood covering a hole near the toilet. Needless to say, the room needed attention in other ways! :eek:

However.... the food and the experience kept my friends and me coming back. I wonder if they're still there.... Does anyone know?
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I agree that a clean bathroom creates a good impression. The bathrooms in my cafe are new and start out spotless every day. However what some people have done in the bathroom is horrifying to me. This is no reflection on me or my level of cleanliness. I cannot control who goes in and out of the bathroom but I sure as ? can keep the pigs out of my kitchen!
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My dfinition of a gross bathroom is one where the sink and toilet clearly is not cleaned regularly, no soap or some scummy looking bar of it, no paper towels of worse cloth ones that don't get changed and you feel like you're in a potential breeding ground for hep A or god knows what else. bathrooms can get kind of nasty in a day but you can tell when one has never seen bleach.

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