........been a while since I posted

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but some things have changed with me. I have been working my butt off at Station Casinos andI get tired sometimes. For instance, this past Monday I got up at 3am for work (5am) and didn't get a break until 4pm Tuesday.

Oh well, it happens right?

I "changed" my major, sort of. As of today I have a Culinary Arts Certificate of Achievement from school and am now majoring in Food & Beverage Management for my Associate's degree (I'll be done in May '04).

I am allocating my free time to my team practices. I'm on the Knowledge Bowl team for school preparing for upcoming regional competition in Colorado. I know we'll win............um hmmmm. :)

Oh, HI MOM!!!!!!!!!

Thought I forgot..........nope.

Work, school and team practicetake up most of my time. Bless my poor wie for putting up with my "relationship absence" during all of this. She suggested that I also look at the Assistant Restaurant Manager position open at my job. I thought about it but feel a little underqualified. But I do need FOH experience to graduate......... We'll see.

Until something else happens (good, bad or ugly :D ) I'll be readin' the posts and replying here and there.

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:cry: It's so long since you called . . .

But at least I know you're not making trouble. Well, whatever makes you happy. :rolleyes:

Happy Holidays to you and what's-her-name (can YOU even remember at this point? :look: ).

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