Beef Pares, a Filipino Cuisine

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    Greetings from the sunny Philippines (but rainy at the moment)

    I've tried to search the forums with the keywords 'Beef Pares' and I saw no topics about it so I decided to start it here because I have several questions regarding this dish.

    First of all, I want to show you guys what it looks like<edit - link removed>

    For my Filipino friends out there. Have you tasted some popular beef pares dishes from the local restaurants in your area? I really want to know how they make it taste like that and how they make it so special that makes costumers like me come back to their place. 

    If only I can transfer food via internet, I'd be glad to share it to everyone so they can have a glimpse of what it taste like. 

    I'll really appreciate anyone who can give me a tip on how to make this dish special. I already read some guides and articles from Google and Youtube but their cooking style and ingredients are all the same.

    If you want me to post some video links about this food, I'll be glad to. 

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