Beef fallout?

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What are you doing to prepare for the fallout from the arrival of Mad Cow/BSE in the US? Any 'notes' on your menu regarding safety?

Beef prices have been sky high; any expectation that the price will drop dramatically? Massive exports have ceased to Mexico & Japan; what do you see as the long-term effect on the domestic cattle industry?


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Prices are gonna drop.

Consumption is gonna drop. But I don't think it will fall too horribly. The risk is very small as far as science can determine. But science doesn't know the exact vector either. Prions were the leading candidate last I hearc, but not nearly conclusive.

There will be a government bail-out of the politically connected ranchers.

Origin certification will be important on menus and purveyors.

In the long term, meat prices (pork/poultry too) will increase as standards are raised and better practices prevail.

Overall, I think it's probably a good thing, minus the government bail out.

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That's what I glad I 've got connections that raise as clean as you can get beef.....thouogh there is always a chance.....


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Beef prices are already starting to drop dramatically in my area. Still have a ways to go before we reach pre summer prices but it is starting to head back down. Finally!!!!!!
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haven't seen the price difference in kc. our meat guy gave us info on bse/ mad cow to educate servers and guests alike. give him/her a call.
on that note, beef
has anyone seen this cut , teres major (sp?)
it has been a great alternate to sirloin or strip
it has become our best selling steak at less than 3.50 a pound it is a food cost friend in the meat cage
ask around ibp came to us with and now smaller producers are jumping
check it out
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