Beef Chili

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Hi everyone,

I'm new to this forum and healthy eating in general; due to a few health issues I'm getting into cooking so I can eat healthily. Firstly I'm going to follow this recipe for beef chili - I just have a few questions if that's okay. Here's the recipe I'll be following:

I was just wondering: how many servings roughly is this meal (the ingredients and amounts are in the video description)? Secondly, the recipe calls for two cups of pre-soaked beans; I made the mistake of measuring out two cups of dried beans (which are currently soaking), which means there will be too many beans when the soaking is finished. Will I be okay to just throw those extra beans in or shall I measure out two cups again of the soaked beans? I want to make this meal for three people this evening if possible.

Any input would be much appreciated - I'm looking forward to learning how to cook!

Josh :)
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I'd guess it serves 6 to 8... depending on how hungry and what else is served with it. More beans would make it more beany. Some folks feel that beans shouldn't be in chile. But if they fit in the pot what the heck. But beans are so cheap that you'll not be out much even if you throw the excess away. I'd boil the excess and use later on salad or whatever. They'll store in the fridge for a while. Be careful as to not overload that kind of a cooker.
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Welcome to Cheftalk, a great resource.

I'd throw in all the beans, if it doesn't overload the pot. Generally I do bean free chili, but every now and again I do a batch of classic Cincinnati style with ground beef and beans.  And I make a spicy black bean and lamb version that is really good.

Good luck with dinner!

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My guess is you will have maybe an extra cup of beans. You can add them and if needed add more beef stock or half a bottle of beer(any good lager or non-hoppy ale)
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my guess would be you could serve 4 to 6 with recipe.  I would only use 2 cups of soaked beans and use the leftovers elsewhere.  dried beans in a pressure cooker can break down and bean skins/hulls could get stuck in your pressure control plumbing and make a mess.

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I would cook the beans separately in water with a little onion and a bay leaf. I wouldn't cook them in the chili. Honestly I just use canned beans and add them at the end.
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Wow. I am hungry now. Anyway, thanks for very useful suggestion. I would cook beef chili at home. I am sure that my family will enjoy the food. Have a nice day to all.
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