Becoming a master cheese maker

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I am curious to know what is involved in becoming a master cheese maker and was wondering if you could elaborate on the process. There is a master chef certification that I am familiar with that is an intensive ten day examination and wondered how intense the program is for becoming a master cheese maker.

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It goes like this......First you apply for a cheese makers license and take the exam......this apprenticeship program takes from 18 months to 2 years. After you have made cheese with a license for a period of 10 years and one specific type of cheese for 5 you can apply to the masters' board. You are given an oral test on cheese technic and excepted into the program.....If you are excepted you take classes for the next 3 years at the Center for Dairy Research at the UW Madison. After passing the course study generally 1 full week per 3 months for the 3 years, you take a written book....28 pages of questions and take 50 hours to write....all answer have to be referenced.

It is an interesting trip......I have been licensed for 39 years and of couse made cheese for more. I have found.....the more you know the more you know there is to learn.

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