Becoming a line cook.

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Hi my name is Brandon Harris I’m 32 years old. Right now I’m in school for my culinary arts and pastry arts degree. I have a question. I’ve never worked for a restaurant because I did not have the skills or the experience. I work to be able to work for a restaurant while I’m in school to build up my skills and experience in my career field.
So where should I start out at? What position should I apply for first to make my way up to be successful in the kitchen?
Any advice?
Thanks y’all


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i would go to a bakery and offer to do some free time learning
what you learn in trade school is quite different to the job

school provides quides and basic know how
on the job shows better equipment more toys and you are learning to run 3 things at once instead of 1
1month in abakery doing pastries and what not will make life very easy compared to doing it after school
this will most likely open some doors for you
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How i did it was i started as just a dish washer, i met the chef told him my intentions and told him i wanted to train to cook eventually. He hired me as a dishwasher and started me off with basic prep work, due to being short he started training me in the clubs mezz kitchen (basically our bar kitchen) i did salads i worked the grill and fryer. I just volunteered to do extra hours, sometimes pulling 7 days a week to learn more. I suggest just diving into a real kitchen and putting your intentions out there. And most important never think you know a better way. Put your nose to the stone and grind. Listen to your superiors is very important.
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Brandon welcome to ChefTalk.
What others have said is right. If you have no experience, the only way to get it is by experience.
I know that seems like a silly statement but it is true. Knock on doors to talk to the Chef, but I caution you to do some homework about the place first.
So many young people are so star-struck by a name or a menu that they fail to look around and see the realities of a place.

How clean is the kitchen? Are the cooks practicing good hygiene standards? Can you tell if they are?

As a Chef and employer I would place someone like you in the dish room/cold prep, to see how you handle yourself, your time, and the quality you put in to your work.
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That's the way to do it tofee, I like your style.....I just wish it was more of you out there....
thank you. My coworkers said the same thing bout hard to find ppl like us all these days. Didnt believe them until we started hiring new people. Such a shame.

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