Beaver Tails Help Please

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Ok, just to preface. I've never attempted to make dough before today, so I really had no idea what I was doing. Having said that, it wasn't a complete failure, but I am having some problems. wonder if anyone can help me out.

For those who don't know, a beaver tail is basically a big flat donut, thats kind of like a pizza. You can either top them like desserts or savoury like a pizza (cheese, tomato sauce, etc).

My problems are as follows:

1) The dough cooked unevenly. the crust turned out brilliant, but the middle was brown in some spots and still white in others. As a test, I made a smaller one that was circle-shaped and it did cook evenly, but beaver tails are supposed to be oval, not round.
examples of uneven cooking: Tails/IMG_0042.jpg Tails/IMG_0041.jpg
example of evenly cooked one: Tails/IMG_0048.jpg

2) Try as I might, I couldn't get it flat enough in the center. the crust was bready and delicious like i wanted, but the middle wasn't crispy enough.

3) Air bubbles like crazy.
example: Tails/IMG_0043.jpg


I have a few things i'm suspect of:

1) did I not knead the dough long enough? It was very elastic, but not totally smooth when I put it to rise. it did expand well though.

2) I just suck at shaping? I tried stretching it out and tossing it like a pizza, but I guess I just don't have the experience to get it right. Do I just need more practice?

3) Next time I'll try stabbing it with a fork repeatedly after shaping it, see if that takes care of the air bubbles.

finished first attempt: Tails/IMG_0049.jpg

Thanks a lot for any advice. Appreciate it!
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Update: I tried again today. the forking definitely helped a little with the bubbles, plus it gives the uncooked dough a real "beavertail-like" look to it.

I also made the dough as thin as I could in the center without breaking it, and it still wasn't crispy! It was still bready, just more compacted. I'm guessing there's a step I'm missing in order to get it to crisp in the middle. anyone?

p.s. today I made savory pizza beavertails. yum!
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