Beautiful Kitchen Tools

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I had the opportunity last week to visit the American Craft Museum here in NYC. It's just across the street from MOMA. There is a wonderful exhibition of individually crafted kitchen tools. Some of the beauties were hand-forged kives of every variety, remarkable pots and pans, LOTS of dishware and beverage glasses; but my favorites were sets of measuring cups and spoons.
These cups crafted from copper and silverplate had to be the prettiest things for the kitchen I've ever seen-and completely functional!
Any foodie in NYC or here for a visit should check out this awesome show!
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Those of us from outside New York, but manage to get there occasionally, could try to do so while it's open, if you happen to know how long that will be.
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There was a store in a mall near here called The People's Pottery, which closed around Christmas, which had handcrafted measuring spoons and cups made out of copper and stainless steel and pewter. they were beautiful. I decided that using tools like that to bake something is the closest I'd ever get to feeling like Harry Potter. Mix something up with these beautiful tools, put it in my magic oven, and 40 minutes later, completely transmorgrified into something delicious.
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Foodnfoto, I'll add the craft museum to my list of must-sees when I get to NYC.

Now I know I'm not weird for finding artistic beauty in a well-designed knife or an All-Clad saute pan.
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I think very early march I will be back in the city.

We will definetly check it out.
BTW.....Was There some posted history that you could share?
Thanks for the lead
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I suppose one of you would have mentioned this if it were so, but I'm compelled to ask anyway - does this place have a web sites?

I think maybe I'm living online a bit too much..:rolleyes:
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