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I haven't been around much lately, and I miss CT, so I thought I would summarize my BBQ efforts for the season.

I have to admit I am a lazy fella some times.  It is July and only last week did I finally do my season BBQ grill cleanup.  Why so late in the season?  I have a 10+ year old Weber Genesis Silver B, which I have replaced most the parts at least twice, ( burner tubes 2x, grates 2x, flavorizor bars 2x, ignitor 1x, etc).  Last year about Sept. I noticed that I was getting a lot of grease fires when cooking and when my 3rd bottle of LP ran out, I decided to put gas grilling on hold until I did a proper cleaning.  Notice I did say Gas grilling, I still grilled on the Weber Kettle with briquettes, so my family wasn't deprived of decent Q'd meats.  However I was not looking forward to the hours necessary to clean/restore the Genesis back to top working condition.

June, I grilled on the Kettle all the regular stuff, Tri-Tip, Tuscan Chicken, whole chicken, chicken parts, Steaks, Hamburgers, Pork Chops, etc.  In addition I did several smokes in the MES smoker, ribs, tri-tip, turkey, pork butt, etc.

July 4th, I usually cook for our family get together, normally around 15+, except it has turned into a block party with 30+.  This event is at my sis house 70 miles away.   I smoked 10 racks of ribs. Grilled lots of chicken parts, (came up with a new variation of BBQ sauce for chicken) (I cheat I mixed some store stuff together)  it did taste good.  Grill Louisiana hot links, made outstanding imitation crab & shrimp meat salad the type you get in the deli, and roasted potato salad.  Plus others brought salads and a couple of other side dishes.   I truly believe my ribs this year were the best I ever served.

The 5th I cleaned my Weber Genesis..  There were several problems, first was the grease tray had some build up on it, and last year I did a poor job of keeping it clean.  Next the inside the Weber cast housing there was build up on walls, and at the bottom that fed into the grease tray.  Finally on the flavorizer there was build up on some spots.  So what was happening is grease that normally would fall onto the flavorizer then drip onto the cast housing, flowing down to the grease tray, then through the hole into the grease pan, each of these items grease had built up and was catching fresh grease, and if some flaming grease fell down, I was getting fires in the grease tray, and at the bottom of the cast housing, plus some fire on the flavorizer bars.


I bought a wire cup brush attachment for my electric drill.  With the wire brush I went to work on the flavorizer bars, getting them each back to a nice smooth metal finish.  Next I had cut a heavy duty Scotch pad so that it was about 3/8" larger than the diameter of the brush, and used the drill/brush/scotch pad plus cleanser to scrub the drip tray with normally has a very very smooth surface.  I was successful in restoring that smooth finished surface without removing any of the heat paint.  With the drip tray done, I went to work on the cast housing using the wire brush, and did a fair job in getting all the build up removed and down to bare metal.  About 95% of any gunk or build up was removed, just tough corners or spots had anything left.

A good cleaning of the burner tubes and the remainder of the grill restored the Weber Genesis back into a fine cooking machine.  I like grilling.........  it's fun again not having to fight grease fires.

Due to a very tight budget, I am trying to get through this summer without running the A/C (a $150-$200 a month savings), this requires managing house ventilation, and not adding any heat into the house.  So I am trying to cook all the dinners outside.

This past week.... chicken thighs ( I did 24 so we had that for 2 other additional dinners, plus lunches), hamburgers, pork loin, london broil, grilled corn, asparagus, etc.   We ate out one nite also.

Thats it, remember,  rules for great grilling:

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I'm gonna think of this, DD, whenever I start coming up with excuses to ignore my regular weekly grill cleaning. A few moments each week sure beats what sounds like an all-day job.
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Boy, reminds me of the work I need to do on my trusty old offset smoker, which I have yet to fire up this season.  I've been wanting some slices of good smoked brisket, I better get to it.

I did, however, roast a nice chunk of beef chuck in the Weber Kettle yesterday, made some tasty sandwiches slathered in a zingy sauce.  Good, but not quite the real thing.

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I'm gonna think of this, DD, whenever I start coming up with excuses to ignore my regular weekly grill cleaning. A few moments each week sure beats what sounds like an all-day job.
For years I was fairly anal about keeping the Weber Genesis clean.  I always would do 3 or 4 major cleanings per season, and I would hardly every have a grease fire.  However the last two seasons, I was putting in 60-70 hr work weeks and I went with only one major cleanup, so the gunk started building up.   I am back on schedule again and will be deep cleaning the weber even more frequently.
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