BBQ Pork Sandwiches with Apple BBQ and Apple Butter


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This recipe is part of the excellent article "The Art of Tailgating" by Chef Peter Martin 

4  Kaiser Rolls
12 slices  Pork loin, 2 ounces each, raw
1 cup  BBQ Sauce (your favorite brand, I like Sweet Baby Ray's)
1 cup  Apple Juice
1 cup  Apple Butter
1/2 cup  Mayo
1/2 - 1 tsp.  Chipotle Powder (amount depends on how hot you want it)

The night before make the Apple BBQ sauce and the Chipotle Mayo.  To make the Apple BBQ sauce combine the BBQ sauce, the apple juice and ½ cup of the Apple Butter in a non reactive saucepan and simmer until it is reduced by ½.  Chill for use the next day.  For the Chipotle mayo, combine the mayo and the chipotle powder and chill until needed the following day.  One the day of the event grill the pork loin over medium heat.  When half way done start brushing the pork with the Apple BBQ sauce.  Continue to cook, flip and brush on the sauce until the pork it done and nicely glazed by the BBQ Sauce.  Spread the top half of the Kaiser roll with the Chipotle Mayo and the bottom half with the remaining apple butter.  Place 3 slices of pork on each bun and drizzle with a little of the remaining BBQ sauce.

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