BBQ in the park.

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    I was asked to cater a Bday slash reunion of sorts with a min head count of 200 ppl max 400 ppl the meats:

    2 cases each of drumsticks breast and wings

    1 case baby back

    1 case spare rib

    40 lbs roast beef

    30 lbs of burger from scratch

    2 crab pot boils

    1 case beef ribs

    hot dog 


    fried fish 30lb

    fried chicken 30 lbs

    15 lbs salmon

    potato salad

    pasta salad

    toss salad

    mac and cheese

    corn on the cob w garlic butter

    collard greens

    string beans

    400 shiskabobs  200 chicken 200 beef

    as well as a chicken and rice dish 

    This is my 1st job of this size to be paid for so can some please help me with my pricing.

    Client is buying  the food but all food will be cook at a park. I will also pulling the permits and hiring the Dj. The event will be from 12p to 8p on a Sat. Thanks for the help in advance.