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Hi Steven, I am an avid fan of your show, Barbecue University - love the Grill Cam!

I run cooking classes in Los Angeles and I am interested in coming up with a BBQ cooking class. I wonder if you have any suggestions on what I should teach for total BBQ beginners. I was thinking about teaching them how to start a charcoal grill using a chimney starter, but not sure what food to teach them to cook on the grill. My classes are typically 3 hours long.

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Am sure that would be a very popular class, Supra. At Barbecue University, the class I teach annually at the Broadmoor in Colorado Springs, Colorado (learn more on my website,, we open with a short lecture of the history of barbecue. We do 8 to 9 recipes each of 3 days, making sure the students get thorough exposure to all the methods of live-fire cooking. I divide the students into teams, and assign each a recipe to make from start to finish. Afterwards, the hotel serves a lunch based on that day's recipes. My advice would be to use How to Grill as a texbook and include a copy in the registration fee you charge. You could likely get a good deal on a quantity of books from my publisher, Workman (New York City).


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SupraTT, Steve's book "How to Grill" came about because of the sorts of questions he got in Q&A sessions with people who grill. It's very much designed around technique masquerading as a recipe. Which would make it an excellent text book. I think your students will find it accessible, informative and valuable.

And insufficiently bound. The paperback perfect binding is not up to the task of heavy use. You need to release a hard back version. I'm not blaming the publisher. Any book bound this way with the heavy paper just can't take the use I've given my copy.
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Phatch, thank you for responding to SupraTT. As for the How to Grill binding, the publisher actually did have a problem with a batch of glue they purchased. We have been apologizing ever since.
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