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Howdy  all, I'm from south Texas and I love to cook, especially BBQ. Been competing in cookoffs for a few years and have won many many awards and want to take my game  up a couple notches, its getting harder to win as more people join in and the game gets better.

I'm constantly watching the cooking shows on tv and find myself wanting to be a better more rounded cook and maybe take a chef class.

However I just turned 49 and dont know if its too little too late to make a carreer out of it, time will tell.

Hoping to find some good info here that may help take my competition Q to a new level and learn more about whats its really like to actually be a chef or longtime cook.

I did own a mexican retaurant for about 16 months but it folded along with many others in this great econmic times we live in. I still want to do it again (not mexican food though) but want to be a little smarter and wiser this time around, my lack of experience in the industry contibuted too to my selling out.

Anyhoo glad to be here.
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Hey, Quetex. Welcome to Cheftalk.

Your questions would probably be better served on some of the other forums, as this one is just to introduce yourself. But a couple of quick comments.

There are a number of members who are currently, or who have in the past, competed, and they can better provide specific insights. Speaking as an observer, though, you may notice that once you move into the big time there are very few independent teams. Rather, most of them represent barbecue restaurants. There are several reasons for this, but the big one is cost. Between the equipment and travel, alone, there's some big bucks involved. Some of those mobile pits run ten grand and better, for instance. So it's something I'd give deep thought to.

As to your age: phoey! In my experience, working a commercial kitchen has less to do with age, per se, and more to do with physical ability and mental outlook. There are some pretty good chefs out there in their 60s and 70s. So, the question to ask yourself isn't, "can I do this at 49?" The question is, "am I physically fit enough to stand the pace?" And you're the only one who can answer that.
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Hey QueTex,

Welcome.  Looking forward to talking and sharing with you about 'Q and other things.

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KY thanks for the response, sorry for my long introduction, I tend to talk too much at times. Intention is to ask in the right forums.

As far as costs go your mainly talking anout the MIM and Jack Daniels type of competitions. I dont really have the dsire to do that right now, although the rig I now own cost more than ten G's already but is built with catering in mind as well as competition. Have already cooked all over Texas have enough fun doing that. `

Its all good in my book,

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