Bayard House, Chesapeake City, MD

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Given that my anniversary conveniently falls on Valentine's Day, we postponed our celebratory dinner until Saturday evening. We chose the Bayard House in Chesapeake City, Maryland; a quaint little town on the bank of the Chesapeake and Delware canal. A beautifully appointed, nautical themed (but not cutesy) old house is home to the restaurant.

Menu focuses on the local catch of crabs. Secondary focus on other sea fare and a few cuts of beef.
We ordered a bottle of Dr. Pauly-Bergweiler Noble House Riesling, however we were delivered a 2000 Geyser Peak. Oh well. I didn't want to fuss, so we kept it. A bit on the sweet side, but tasty, nonetheless. For an app, we started with baked brie crusted in almonds and puff pastry, fresh fruit garnish. Maybe a quibble over details, but there were no almonds to speak of. Also, they garnished with slices of orange. A bit obscure for the cheese, but they left 30% of the rind in tact. Not too much for detail, I guess.
For entrees, we had the Salmon in Champagne-Lobster sauce with lumpfish caviar. A decent fillet of salmon on what was supposed to be polenta. Actually, it was cornbread. No kidding! The veg accompaniment was a well suited selection of wax & green beans with the requisite splash of red bell pepper. There was also a smattering of wild rice mix. Not completely sure why the two starches were necessary, but I am certain we would have enjoyed it much more had they not used the tell-tale boxed rice mix with that overly salted seasoing packet. Oh well.
Dessert was a warm pecan-chocolate ganche pie with ice cream for me and a selection of petit fors for my wife. Pie was loaded with great flavor and nestled in a flaky crust. Petit fors lacked the panache this classic dessert so richly deserves. Quite difficult to tackle a toffee-topped morsel in public.
Overall, a good attempt but nothing stellar. Great scenery and decent ambiance. Could have gone for some instrumental background music rather than Brian Setzer.



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It was your birthday and you didn't tell us Jim!!


I am so sorry your evening wasn't as perfect as it should have been in view of the occasion.


Best wishes for a great birthday!

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Hey silly!! Anniversary.... not birthday. But thanks anyhow! I had a rough week.... I could go for a piece of birthday cake!!! You're the best, Isa!
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As I was reading your post I had flashbacks to Alexander Louisiana 20 years ago....ambience was great overlooking the water, the "prime rib" specialty of the house was nuked....amazing....I returned it and got <feigned gasp> a similar piece of meat....It too was an anniversary weekend. Aw well, at least the view was nice.
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Jim, Sorry..I posted to Isa's birthday post before I read this. So I will have to wish you another happy birthday when it comes around :) next year Jim, Buy some of those wonderful crabs, some butter, some bread, some wine, some chocolate, some blankets,some flowers,some lemons, a hibichi grill and bring it to the beach by that restaurant and have a fun time on your own ;)

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