Baugna Cauda

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...In Bologna I organize kitchen's course where i teach not only the recipe (that you can find on internet too) but the method and the way to work in a kicthen...
Wait a minute! Do you organize courses in another language than Italian? I'm very interested! Anything in dutch, french, english or spanish is ok.

My daughter and I are looking for a cooking course in Italy.
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For Chris: Yes, I organize kitchen's course in Italian or English in my restaurant...of course...

For Bishop: Bagna Cauda is a tipycal dish of Piemonte and it is made by garlic, extravirgin olive oil and anchovies in the basical recipe, you can also add butter, margarine or cream...It is a variant, in the basical recipe there isn't cream but in some recipes there is cream...

You can use this dish to dip differents vegetables like thistles, baked onions, peppers raw or cooked, raw cabbage leaves, artichokes, beets  ..

It is a tipycal winter dish.

Really I dont'like it because I dont'like anchovies.

For Siduri: Did you ever ate Bagna Cauda?
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For Siduri: Did you ever ate Bagna Cauda?
Yes, there was a guy from Como that used to work with my husband and he made it for a party.  No cream.  I never saw a recipe for it with cream - it seemed like one of those american variations.  But I'm not in piemonte and all i have is Ada Boni's recipe.  
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But you know well that there isn't an original recipe of all dishes, some dishes are made all in the same way and others are made in different way.

In the original recipe there isn't cream (panna liquida) but I have a waiter that comes from Cuneo and she said to me that her grandma made Bagna Cauda with cream and her mother made it without cream...
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Wow this is great, Simone welcome! There is the Italian Cooking school in NYC but am not sure how authentic it is..  Do you have a blog or website or anything to show your cooking? What type of knives do you use in your kitchen? What are some of your favorite ingediants to cook with? Oh I have so many questions.. How about your personal Chicken marsala recipie? Do you use pancetta as a base in a lot of your sauces that seems to be a common thing I see people here do in italian cooking. Saute some pancetta bits, reserve the pancetta and use the rendered fat to cook more stuff then add the pancetta back in at the end.
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I'd always prepared La Bagna Cauda with equal parts of olive oil, butter, anchovies and garlic. I'd have thought adding cream would temper the powerful flavours of the fish and garlic and bit.

Is it authentic? Who knows. If it tastes good, I'd go for it.

After all, look what we've done with Spaghetti Alfredo (al burro e parmigiano). Now it's full of chicken, mushrooms, bacon, garlic, broccoli.....
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My Great Grandpa came over and we are still making his same recipe. Butter, olive oil, lots of garlic, and anchovies, slow cooked until the garlic is melted. Basically a garlic confit with anchovies. Then you finish with a bit of cream and lots of black pepper. As far back as I can remember, my Grandma and Mom did it in an electric skillet on the kitchen table so it could be set to low and kept warm while still eating. Served with crudite, peppers, bread, etc....
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