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Advice on DRUNK head chef....

First back story...So I am currently a culinary kid (yeah yeah i know but listen linda...) Iv worked in and around the industry for YEARS! I don't know it all but I know a lot. I work hard, i work fast and I work clean. I heard about an opening for a sous chef at a restaurant downtown and jumped on it! I did a Stage for 1 day and got the job. He told me he normally stages for 2 weeks but that i was a beast on the line and we had a good chemistry. I did play as if I was totally green, in an effort to have a chance to learn from this amazing chef. I know how annoying it is to have a know it all culinary kid. I got daily rave reviews from this guy. Texts telling me he just walked into the most pristine kitchen he's ever had in all his EC years. Best sous ever! yad yad.
WELL, Its the head chef and the GM who are EQUAL partner owners, but since day one they fight like cats and dogs. It all very uncomfortable but the staff and them tell me its just how they are.
Fast forward to today, its now been 2 weeks there. I left last night after dinner service and closing down the kitchen by myself (no biggie) while chef got S FACED and was duking it out with the GM. about an hour after i leave i get a text saying take the day off tomorrow, that i don't get until the AM....what? Tomorrow is brunch and one of our busiest services and Im the Lead chef that day...I tried to call him, no answer. So I called the restaurant and spoke to the GM who told be the other line cook who was supposed to work with me called out sick and she had noone else and that yes i was working. SO i went in. Ran the whole service by myself cleaned up to my usual pristine condition and got ready to leave, when i find a text from Chef saying i was fired for not following directions.
I feel like maybe I was a tool he used to put in GM in a bind. I LOVED this job, i NEEDED this job. I was an OUTSTANDING SOUS. But now its all down the drain. Do i want to work for a chef like that? idk Im lost, heartbroken, confused. What the hell is going on? And what do i do....yes yes besides suck it up and find another job.


Today he asked me to come in and "talk". Came in...he talked in circles i think he attemped to swallow some pride and admit he was wrong and whatever it was all cool. Got back on the line and started the night. He proceeds to get drunk again and leaves me ALONE balls deep in tickets. comes back attemps to play catch up but really just helps to screw up things more and yells....YELLS at GM for "NOT HAVING A TICKET"!!! the ticket was right there and blames her for screwing everything up and leaves again. I get everything done, plated and sent out and start preping to close up and he tells me to go home for the night. FINE! i was ready to leave 30min ago. IDK i can deal with alot of stuff but a constantly drunk chef...i need this job, idk if i good enough to go anywhere else but he say im great all the time. Hes a great chef but...always drunk.
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Originally Posted by SouxChef  

Its the head chef and the GM who are EQUAL partner owners, but since day one they fight like cats and dogs. It all very uncomfortable...
 There is no reason to subject yourself to such an environment. It is a no win situation and total b.s. Find a better work place.
... idk if i good enough to go anywhere else..
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 I work hard, i work fast and I work clean...I did a Stage for 1 day and got the job. He told me he normally stages for 2 weeks but that i was a beast on the line...
Find a positive place that will appreciate what you bring to the job. Those are good qualifications that are prized by any worthwhile chef that is looking for an employee.
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The chef told you not to come to screw the GM, the screwed you over to get back at you. +1 for what cheflayne said
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I've been in your shoes before, and, like you, decided to hold on, because I thought it was a great job, but I ended up learning that this type of behavior will not stop and the person will hit the bottom eventually.

No matter how much you love this place, you MUST make the mental decision to get out as soon as possible.

Cheflayne is 100% correct, and others, who have been around the block, can see.

I know this will be difficult but consider that conditions being what they are, you may find yourself out as well, if you continue to stay.

You hard work and caring mean little when it comes to this kind of thing.

I might also add the 'drunk' chefs, are common in our industry, as are drugged, divorced, and maniac Chefs are.

After a while, as a applicant you MAY be able to see through this type of thing in the interview.

I wish you luck, and please let us know what happens.
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Hello! Hope you don't mind me posting, but, I had an exp. like that..........find something else first, then get out........being a Chef in the restaurants are stressful enough.
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