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Great Summer BBQ ideals

Piedini and Spiducci Recipe Ideas:

Variations on the Traditional Arrosticini

Lamb: As mentioned above, lamb is perhaps the most common meat used for modern spiedini or spiducci, especially in North America. When using lamb, it’s recommended to use cuts of meat with roughly 25% fat or marbling, to ensure that your spiedini come out tender and moist. If using more lean cuts, the layers of lamb can be alternated with thin layers of ovine or pork fat, which will serve to baste the lamb while it grills.

Traditional: If going for a traditional arrosticini or Abruzzo-inspired spiedini, keep your lamb unseasoned until it’s just coming off the grill. Sprinkle with coarse salt, and use fresh rosemary to baste with olive oil. Marinated: To up the flavours from the traditional recipe, marinate your lamb before skewering by sealing it in a ziploc bag with some olive oil, rosemary sprigs and a bit of lemon juice. Let rest in a refrigerator (or ice cooler) for half an hour before making up your skewers.

Chicken: Though not traditional, chicken is amazing when used for spiedini. Given that white chicken meat is much more lean (and thus drier) than lamb, marinating it before grilling will help to keep your final product tender and flavourful. You can keep with the traditional flavour profile above (olive oil, lemon, rosemary), though an Italian herb mixture (oregano, basil), garlic and olive oil is also incredible. For something slightly different, try lemon, olive oil and dill, and serve your chicken spiedini with a side of tzatziki for dipping - traditional? No. Delicious? Heck yes!

Veal, Beef, and Pork: The Possibilities are Endless!

Perhaps the most amazing thing about modern spiedini is its sheer versatility - though inspired by the classic Italian arrosticini, the spiedini technique can be applied to a huge array of meats, marinates and flavours with delicious results. Veal will make for amazing, tender spiedini, and using beef opens up the doors to a world of flavour - use your favourite bbq dry rub for a more North American barbeque flavour, or whip up a quick marinade of soy sauce, olive oil and chili flakes for a more Asian-inspired taste.


If using wooden skewers, be sure to soak them before hand to prevent them from scorching while on the grill! If using a marinade, use sweet or saccharine sauces and liquids sparingly and with caution as the sugar can, and will, cause flare ups on the grill. With so many tasty spiedini recipes and variations, the question becomes how to make your spiedini. While the end result is amazing, hand-feeding individual pieces of meat onto dozens of skewers is both tedious and time consuming. The answer? The Cubo Spiedini Maker - the magical (or, just practical) box that allows you to make batches of spiedini (usually 49, 100, or 169 skewers AT A TIME) without the need to hand-feed a single piece of meat! 


Special Thanks to Consiglios Kitchen for sharing the recipe.

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