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I have always enjoyed your show since it has so many great elements. The fact that it is outside, the grills going in the background, the different grills you incorporate into every show. Another fact that I like about your show is that you take the viewer around the world with different styles of Barbecue and grilling techniques in each show. Have you and the producer ever considered doing the reverse where you actually travel to each place and do the show on location with different chefs? I am sure the production costs would be much higher but I was curious if you have considered this type of show and if we can expect some different types of television programming from you in future?
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From your lips to God's ears, as they say, Nicko.  It has long been my dream to host a show exactly like the one you describe. In researching my last book, Planet Barbecue, I visited so many intriguing places and met extraordinary people--pit masters and pit mistresses--who would have much to offer a viewing audience. But as you pointed out, the production costs, even with a skeleton crew, would be daunting. And money for public television is scarce--and becoming scarcer, if some people in Congress have their way. But we are aggressively pursuing opportunities. Thank you for your kind words about the show. They mean a lot to me. And thank you so much for the opportunity to be featured on ChefTalk. I have been very impressed with the questions I've fielded so far. Warmly, Steven.

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