Banoffee Pie

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    I have just been going through some old documents on my PC, and found a load of old recipes. I thought I'd share this with you, its really simple and people always love it when I make it.

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    Banoffee Pie

    Prep and cook time: 2 hours +

    Serves: 6


    1 Pack of digestive biscuits (you wont need to use them all, you’ll probably use ¾ of the pack)

    1 large tin condensed milk

    2/3 large bananas

    1/2 pint double cream

    25g caster sugar

    A little marg/butter

    To decorate (optional):

    3 chocolate flakes, crumbled


    Place the unopened can of condensed milk in a pan of boiling water. Cover and boil carefully for 3 hours. Do not allow to boil dry! (The water must go up to the rim of the can).

    Place digestive biscuits in a freezer/food bag and smack with rolling pin to turn them to very fine crumbs. Then heat a little marg/butter in a pan, add the crumbs and mix until it sticks together a little. Put crumbs in the bottom of a cake tin (one with a removable bottom preferably – much easier to get out!) and smooth them all around the sides and bottom to make the base of the Pie. Put in fridge to harden a little.

    Once the tin has boiled for 3 hours take out of pan and leave to cool.

    Slice bananas and arrange over the biscuit base. When tin is cool enough to touch empty the toffee like condensed milk onto the bananas. If the toffee is still warm, place in the fridge to cool down. If you put the cream on it when it’s hot/warm it will make the cream go nasty.  Once cool, whip the cream and sugar until thick. Cover pie with the sweetened cream mixture. Then, crumble the flakes over the pie and that’s it. Chill until required.
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    digestive biscuits?  would that be something like vanilla wafers, chocolate wafers, graham crackers?
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    Vanilla wafers are much sweeter and lighter than digestive biscuits, thought they'd probably work fine in this application. Graham crackers are closer but are crunchier, thinner and drier than digestives.

    Digestives are whole wheat and something like a cookie/cracker hybrid. They're barely sweet and are great dunked in tea or coffee.