Banana Sheets

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Has anyone ever heard of Banana Sheets? A guy at work told me about these sheets of pressed, dried bananas that resemble Nori except that they aren't black like that. He said they sell in oriental markets.

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I'm having trouble picturing this product in terms of thickness. Is it thin like nori or a bit thicker and chewier? Could it be heated to soften, then slumped over a bowl to make a dessert cup? Cut out to decorate with? Just curious.
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I think it can be made, by simply cooking the pureed banana with sugar until it's perfectly smooth, then cook on a silpat at 250 degrees for an hour and a half or so. I've done this with many fruits, and most work well. The ones that contain that protien eating enzyme, such as kiwi, pineapple, papaya, and blueberry, for some reason, are the ones that don't come out chewy. They just sort of crumble. My guess is that banana will come out great!

By the way, what is the name of that enzyme?
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That enzyme is papain. It's the same agent that is used in meat tenderizers.
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I have not had them. Apparently they are not pureed dehydrated bananas. They are thin sheets of pressed banana slices which are visually stunning. They can be eaten as is utilized in cooking/baking.

You can purchase them at Yue-Wah Oriental Foods, 2338 S. park
St, Madison, WI 53705 608-257-9338. (Or maybe they will privide you with a source near you.) In a round package, about 8" across,1" deep, clear plastic. Possibly a product of Malaysia or Indonesia.
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I found a direct source.

They are called Banh Trang Chuoi, or Banana Cracker,and are from Viet Nam, and the company is Caravelle,Anhing Corp., fax number (323)221-7420
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When I spoke with your first source he said he had to send them back due to bug infestation! I'll try them anyway!!!
Thanks cchiu.
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I found these at an asian market and thought they looked delicious - only problem is I don't know what to do with them. They look like the rice paper sheets used for salad rolls. Do I prepare these the same way (soak in hot water until pliable?)

Very curious if any one has any recipe ideas on how or what to make with them... Roll up with rice and fruit for a fruit "sushi" roll?
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they'd been damn fine as a nice crispy garnish on top of the cloudy cream whipped cream of a banana cake or tart.
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Banhtrang Chouoi banana sheets on rice paper are a street food from Vietnam that is just showing up in the US. It is usually microwaved briefly until it puffs up into a crispy cracker. It can be eaten at that point or crumbled or used to add banana flavor. I cannot tell you how long you should microwave it as microwaves come in different power ratings. A commercial machine will burn it while a cheap home model will undercook it. I put a sheet in my microwave and set it for 5 min BUT I watched until it was crisp but not burned and noted the time left. Until you know how long it takes for your microwave to puff it up you cannot just turn your machine on.
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