Banana french toast

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My son likes french toast.
When he was studying in boston, he had gone a couple of times to this place called Zaftig;s in brookline. They had a banana french toast that he particularly liked. I tried it and thought it was no big deal and thought I could make something better.

Anyway, this morning he was going to make himself some french toast and being half an italian mother, after all, I said let me make it. I also wanted to try out this idea that i had brewing.

I sliced two thinnish slices of my home made almost-no-knead bread (I don;t like french toast with soft or sweet bread, i think french toast requires some body)

I sliced half a banana in lenghthwise slices.

Soaked the bread on both sides in egg and a little milk and a sprinkle of salt.

I put the banana between the slices, leaving a border where the eggy bread would touch the eggy bread so it would hopefully cook together and keep the banana from leaking out. (It did work).

I heated the frying pan. added a chunk of butter, and when the foam subsided added the banana sandwich.
Put a little parchment paper on top and covered it with a small flat cover that would press it down a little (to be sure the egg would cook inside)
When it was done, removed to a plate.

but the brilliant idea was to make a sauce

the sauce
I took a sprinkle, maybe tbsp, of dark brown sugar, about the same of water (my brown sugar is raw and lumpy and crumbly but very tasty, but needed the water to dissolve it.
Added a chunk of butter (maybe a tbsp?)
A squeeze of lime juice.
cooked it down a little not to really caramelize it, but to make it slightly syrupy, and added maple syrup (couple of tbsp, maybe more) and sliced the rest of the banana into it. Cooked till the banana was softened a little, a bit less white looking, and poured it over the french toast.
it was really good. He said, with surprise, better than Zaftig's. No surprise to me.;)
Let me know if you try it.
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wow nice this is one of those recipies that will get me big points with the SO

hope ya dont mind if i steal it
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I posted it so people could enjoy it. But if you quote it, please give me credit! I would some day like to publish some recipes.
By the way, what or who is the SO?
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Nice and sweet, the dark brown sugar is better and sweeter than regular sugar.
I also like maple syrup which is my country's featured product.
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That sounds delicious....maybe for a Sunday breakfast where we've got time to sit down - and I've got time to cook it.

Do you think Golden Syrup or Treacle would work too? Maple syrup is pretty rare here.

Hey what about a big splodge of ice cream on that for a decadent dessert?.......
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Actually i added the maple syrup because my son likes it in particular. I think it would be fine with just brown sugar and water and banana.
Personally I wouldn't use ice cream - too many very sweet things together. I would use whipped cream if i wanted to dessertify it - because it would kind of cut the sweetness but add a touch of creaminess. Slightly sweetened with a little vanilla in it. I guess it would be like a kind of bread pudding then.
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