baking unlike items together

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    Does baking a fruit filled puff pastry or croissant in the same oven at the same time as a fish or ham/any meat take on the smell or taste of the cooked meat ? What about in the refrigerator or freezer. Does my dough take on smells of raw meat?
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    About cooking tow diffrent stuff with very diffrents
    tastes: doring the baking in the oven the food is losing
    all is moist n liquidty they are steming from the food beacuse
    the very hot atmosphire , if u want to bake two cakes togheter
    its mybe gonne be ok becuse the similar mathood
    but when u talking about rosting n baking at same time
    it will change all the way , ( n btw i dident talk about the tastes
    but they allso can be a problem whan coming thogheter ,
    Onless if u ok with roast meat fruitcake taste (-:)
    About put them in the fridge toghethet - meat n poltry are
    going to the lower part of the fridge if they rare , n to the
    uppest part if they cookd , n its not a problem of smells
    aslong u taking care to cover well n seald any food in the fridge
    enjoy n goodluck !!! :)
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    My first concern would be cross contamination, but yes odors can be picked up in the fridge, not sure about the freezer,

    I know first hand that ice cream will def pick up odors.

    In the oven, if the protein is tightly covered with foil or tight lid (which will probably seldom to never happen)  you might squeeze by, but I personally give this a 2 thumbs down.