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    I thought before I go outside to India to work or learn, I should get some basic training here itself. Although it is still expensive, it's much cheaper than other places (as far as I know).

    I'm not sure how good India's training system would be. Any place should be alright for people who are just starting. I am anyway reading Gisslen and Figoni, so I can still get some knowledge that might be missed. Has anyone attended any baking school in India? Would you advise me to go there?

    I came across these two programmes and

    The first one, though more expensive seems more comprehensive, but I'm not satisfied.

    Can anyone tell me about a relatively inexpensive place in or around India, or should I just get any job and take it from there?

    Thank you
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    Thanks for posting but unfortunately I don't think we have much of a user population from India. That being said it may be difficult to find an answer to your question here. Before you begin looking for a program I highly recommend you figure out what you really want to do? Will you be working in India after? Travelling abroad can be a rewarding experience and you can get a lot of experience with various cuisines so I might suggest before going to school travelling a bit and trying different kitchens.
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    If I was going to have any regrets in my life it would be the offers that included travel were extended and I declined because I thought there would be time later on down the road.

    Don't get me nowhere near complete "bucket list" (anyone got a better term for that?) is full of experiences that would make a few jaws drop and others green with envy.

    So you have some things to think about.
    Will you or won't you?

    I cannot answer this for you.

    I can however advise that the paths not taken ( not all but most likely more than a few) will always be there to haunt you with the what ifs you take out and examine from time to time.

    Sending you good thoughts .....

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